Pet dentistry is often overlooked by pet owners, but is in fact an instrumental aspect of pets health. Oral hygiene is one of the leading contributors of poor health in our pets, resulting in costly visits to the animal hospital.

Understanding Your Pet’s Dental Health

Plaque build-up and tarter are not always a sign of poor health, but the effects that it has on your pet’s overall health could be detrimental. Once plaque adheres to the teeth, your pet is at risk of developing tarter or calculus. The calculus will attract more plaque, eventually pushing up the gums and/or creating pockets in the gums. This could lead to the gums deteriorating and teeth loosening. In many cases, the problem will require emergency pet surgery for root canals and oral lesions.

Routine Pet Dental Examinations

We perform basic oral exams on all our patients during their comprehensive physical exam. Puppies and kittens will be examined to detect any problems related to the deciduous (baby) teeth, missing or extra teeth, swellings, and oral development. Senior pets will be evaluated for developmental anomalies, the accumulation of plaque and tartar, periodontal disease, and oral tumors.

Dental Care Tips for Dogs and Cats

  •  Schedule a dental oral exam for your dog or cat every year
  •  Schedule regular dental cleanings
  •  Brush your pet’s teeth daily, or if every other day give your pet a dental hygiene chew
  •  Serve dog or cat food and treats that control tarter and plaque and promote good dental health

Food/Prescription Refill Order

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